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Some of you may know and have already had the chance to look under the covers….

But this labor day weekend is the weekend when we uncover a project we’ve spent months in the making.

We have created perhaps the easiest to set up (65 seconds or less) hosted helpdesk which gives you the ability to put your customer service in front of your customers wherever they are: Forums, Facebook, a WordPress site, html site or email.

As online marketers we invest so much effort to GET our customers, we engage, offer a product, gain them as customers and put them on our email lists….

Then we go looking for more fresh customers and hope our lists stay responsive.


Customer service, keeping your customers happy, responding to their questions, helping them get real value from the product they purchased from you….

…they are some of the ways that you not only get customers, but make them loyal jump up and down evangelists…customers who will buy your next product without reading the sales page because they KNOW you have their back and will over deliver for them.

How do you do that? How do you get that loyal customer army?

1) Great products that deliver real value

2) Great customer service

3) Follow up, connect and continue to help and add value.

Thats why we invested in creating the ultimate in hosted helpdesks – and making it super easy to set up and so you can use it to connect with your customers everywhere.

For labor day weekend, its free to register and you get your first hosted helpdesk for free too.

After the holiday weekend, it won’t continue to be free….’cos we have mouths to feed too people 🙂

have a great weekend!



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Your IM Toolkit

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