The Internet Marketing arena is a fabulous, exciting, innovative place!

But I’m concerned.

There seems to be three types of folks in the IM space.

  • The Creators – the folks who create the tools and resources to help those who want to market their products on the internet.
  • The Affiliates – who want to get a share of the creators revenue by promoting their products and
  • The Consumers – Us! People who are trying to wade through all of the hype to figure out what will actually do what is says on the side of the digital box.

The challenge is that there are so many affiliates promoting the creators products there’s very little real, insightful, balanced feedback on the creators products.

  • Lets face it, there are affiliates out there promoting products they’ve never seen, never used and are doing so on the basis of the percentage split they get and sometimes, the relationships of the people creating the products (but even that last point is rare).

What does this mean for people like us? People who invest their  money on products just hoping, wishing that they deliver what’s promised?

It means its really tough to figure out the hype from the reality.

That is what Mr Marketer is all about…

We’re going to take a look at one major product launch each week and see if we can get behind the magic curtain. We’re looking for the straight scoop. The feedback from previous customers, the real reviews from people that have REALLy tried the product and we’ll even, often, create what we’re calling a ‘Launchinar!”.

  • What’s a Launchinar?

Its a brief webinar (30 minutes or less) on a major launch, giving you critical information you need to make the call on purchasing the product – real, honest, balanced information.

If we love it, you’ll know. If we don’t love it, you’ll know that too and you’ll know why.

Our goal is to make sure if you spend you cash, you’re getting your money’s worth and the only reason why the product doesn’t deliver, is because you haven’t taken action.

That part of it – we can’t do anything about!

So – come back often, tell your friends, add your voice and lets see if we can get some real life feedback that’s based on Truth rather than affiliate commissions.

Here’s one more point – we’ll add our affiliate link for those products we love so when you click through we get a commission.

“What? You scream….”

Yes – we’re telling you up front but here’s the deal – we’ll not BS you and we’ll not offer you all sorts of crazy bonuses to encourage you to buy something that’s crap.

The only bonus (and we believe this is perhaps the best bonus available!) – the only bonus you’ll get CONSISTENTLY from us is the TRUTH! No Google slap DVDs, No SEO plugins – none of that stuff.

What you’ll get from us – every time – it the truth! You decide if that’s enough of a bonus to click through and buy or if you’d rather the box of digital stuff you’ll never use from the desperate affiliates.

So – add you voice and lets start cutting through the affiliate clutter and make sure truth and honesty is the main thing the IM space becomes know for…

I’ve got your back!

Mr. Marketer

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