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If you’ve decided that its time to get online and start building a business then there are many challenges but if you’re lucky you’ll find a few people who will help you get up that learning curve faster and less painfully than if you did it alone. 

The internet marketing space is a weird and I believe, a unique market – why? Because we are our own customers, we ARE the market – we are literally selling to ourselves.  The internet marketing “market” is comprised of small fish consuming what the big fish create with the hope and expectation that what they learn will help them to become the bigger fish themselves.

Other markets aren’t exactly like that – if you are in the market for a new TV – you don’t go out to buy a TV with the expectation that you’ll take that TV and it will, in turn, teach you how to build a TV of your own that you can then sell to the next TV purchaser in the market.

See how the internet marketing market is different and unique?

That – at the core – is one big piece of internet marketing but in reality, its just one of the product categories of the market. For example, there is a whole new category of internet marketers who are focused on creating the tools and strategies for other marketers to be successful offline – i.e to offer a range of services to both local and national businesses. This is the market following the dollars – one thing the internet market is totally awesome at doing. If there is a dollar to be found or created then there’s an internet marketer or a hundred chasing it! 

At this point perhaps you’re wondering ‘So what?”

There are a few key “so whats” coming out of these points – and I’ll summarize my critical learnings are follows:

1)   There is always someone who will try to sell you a faster way of getting to where you want to get within the Internet Marketing “market” – there are literally more gurus, coaching opportunities, courses, plugins, pre-developed / pre-created sales funnels and more that are sold as your shortcut to internet marketing success and wealth.  That is the internet market space doing what it does best – selling newbies stuff and making money doing it. Does that mean that you won’t make money or this ‘thing’ won’t speed up the process for you? No – not as such, but if you are looking to increase your learning curve – I’d make a few recommendations:

  1. Find one approach from one person that is trustworthy and which ‘resonates’ with you in terms of what you’ll need to do for a reasonable (3 – 6 month) period of time.
  2. Having found a) above stop looking at other techniques, opportunities and coaches and focus on just a) for that 3 – 6 months. Do that approach with that one person and ‘own it’.
  3. You’ll save yourself so much time and money you’ll thank me later and if you chose the right person and approach then you’ll be able to get real traction and can then make the call – Do I want to continue with this or not? Is it right for me?

2)   The second key learning is there are multiple ‘ways’ to get to where you want to go assuming you are clear about where that is (?). For Example, there are internet marketers who make a significant income promoting other peoples products and courses i.e. as affiliates. Likewise there are others who make a fortune providing services to businesses in their local area by leveraging the tools they purchase from internet marketers. And yet more who create courses for consumption by other, less experienced internet marketers. What business you create is entirely up to you but here’s a BIG point…

You’ll only start to build your business and make your income when you STOP consuming lots of courses, tools, coaching services and more on a near daily basis – and choose a specific direction and start pursuing it.

I personally like the creation process – so I’m probably most oriented towards creating content and tools for others to leverage. But having been through the newbie internet marketing mill of consuming EVERYTHING, I believe (?) I have a pretty developed sense of what is good or not in the market and what will truly help other new and developing internet marketers – for that reason I’m also oriented towards being an affiliate promoting just those products that will have a significant benefit for other internet marketers. Will I always get it right? Do we ever? No, but will I ‘call’ more right than wrong, I believe so. The  fact is that many of the tools and courses and coaching could help the up and coming internet marketer – if they’d just FOCUS on that one thing and do it until they see the gold nuggets – instead of quitting and search for the latest ‘trick’ which will never create the value they’re looking to gain.


You’ll only start to build your business and make your income when you STOP consuming lots of courses, tools, coaching services and more on a near daily basis – and choose a specific direction and start pursuing it.

Are you ready?

What will be your focus and why?

Already been through some of the above? What do you wish they’d have told you? 

PS As you get going – one of the critical paths to success is learning how to write kick butt copy – copy that will literally grab your customers by the shirt collar and make them want to buy from you.  

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