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Its no secret one of the best ways to market a product online is through webinars.

With my first ever webinar I managed to bring around 20 people to the webinar – not fantastic but not too terrible.

And after 45 minutes, I pitched them on a $297 product – actually, I pitched them on a series of webinars in the future – webinars that I hadn’t even created the content for yet….

Of those 20 people – 3 of them signed up for the $297 series of 6 webinars.

Now I know you didn’t miss it but just in case…3 people paid me, via a itzy bitzy teeny weeny Paypal button $1.5K after 45 minutes of being on a webinar with me.

I must be amazing right? My slides must have absolutely KILLED it right?

And not bad for a Thursday nights work.  So do YOU want PROOF how compelling webinars could be for You?

I earned $891 in one night EVEN after I screwed up EVERYTHING….And I do mean absolutely EVERYTHING….

I forgot to share my screen with anyone…for the WHOLE 45 Minutes…

Hey – don’t be too hard on me – it was my first ever webinar. But the reality is I MADE $891 of Sales in 45 minutes…with just audio because I’d been such a dumb ass.

Let me just put that into perspective…$891 from a 45 minute Presentation.

That’s $19.90 earned A MINUTE! There’s 2400 minutes in an average work week. At $19.90 a minute, you’d earn $47K in a week at that rate!

Now no one can do webinars after webinars for 40 hours but could you do one a day? For that money I know I could… 🙂

But here’s the really interesting point…there are people who do 5 times, 10 times and more what I did….easily! Especially if you have a responsive list.


And you know what’s the magic sauce of webinars? They’re REAL – its real people, its real content….its as close an experience to being in person in a seminar or face-to-face but to 100 people at a time! Wow!

I gotta tell you…Reading through the chat box later was hilarious  – people were going nuts trying to tell me they couldn’t see anything.  But I didn’t know what I was doing and didn’t know how to read the chat box.

So – even if you are a complete newbie – webinars can STILL be an awesome tool for you if you want to market a product online.

And have I got a resource to help you….

But here’s the deal….I’ve got loads to do what with building the site and all….

So – instead of writing huge long sales letter and try to get some kind of emotional psycho leverage on you to sell you something for $100 or so….

…I just don’t have the time and anyway, you’re smarter than that right?

So I’ll lay it out nice and quick and you decide if its a good deal for you OK?

I’d like to give you 5 videos on the Fundamental’s of Webinars.

Literally everything you need to get you started. The real step-by-step basics…Nothing fancy here…

Why do I think these ‘Webinar Basics’ videos are important?

Because I screwed around and waited TWO years before I did my first webinar which made me $1.5K in only 45 mintes, because, truth be told….I was a bit nervous of messing up.

Nervous? Heck – I was scared to death of looking like a fool…

So I avoided webinars, I relied upon the tired ways to market my own and affiliate products online, I avoided webinars like a big scared wimp and missed out on thousands of dollars.

So learning these webinar basics dispels the myths…and takes away the fear.

And if you get these 5 videos today, I’m gonna give you something extra….

If you buy this within the next 2 minutes….

I’ll throw in an MP3 audio of the videos AND a PDF mindmap just so you know you have EVERYTHING you need to get the webinar fundamentals….

So I’ve seen courses like this for all over the place price-wise – but given this was the worst sales letter EVER.

You can have lifetime access to these webinar basic videos, the audio MP3 file AND the PDF mind map right now for…..

AndFor $1!

And guess what?

There’s NO automatic membership subscription or any of that weird voodoo hidden stuff…

Its literally one teeny weeny dollar.  Just a $! and I’ll even throw in a Guarantee.

But because its ONE WHOLE DOLLAR….Make sure you read the fine print OK?

Take Action and Dispell the Myths

Learn the Webinar Basics from these five videos today…for a huge, gigantic $1!

Mr Marketer!

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