Don’t Over Complicate List Building…

If you think about it, list building follows a fairly simple concept: you come up with a list of names and your provide them with information. Simple right?

The ideal is to match the people who join your list and the information you’ll want to give them now and in the future.

For example – if you are sharing information on dog training – make everything you do relevant solely to dog owners, obviously list building of just anyone means you will have a very unresponsive list and could seriously waste your effort and worse…time on people that will never see the value of what you deliver.

So when list building – step 1 – have a clear idea of the target customer and focus everything you have on appealing to JUST those people.

Simple! But while the concept is simple, simple doesn’t mean ‘easy’ – it rarely does! Because you’re not just making any list, you’re making a quality list with quality leads who should become quality clients. Still, just because you’re willing to make the effort does not mean that you will have to go nuts to get more subscribers.

You just have to be smart, and find ways that will let you build a list without compromising the quality of the leads you get.

And here’s the super secret short cut for creating a top quality list – offer them a relevant and top quality reason to opt in to your list and before that, focus on top quality content for your site – don’t look for shortcuts to traffic – because crap content leads to crap traffic and in turn a crap list…

Things to think about…

There are a lot of places you can go to learn more about list building and where you can find great quality clients.

The internet reaches far and wide and you shouldn’t have any problem finding them and creating a powerful list. You can literally stay at home and yet get around to building a list that clients will seek out.

Remember, you have a reputation to build and protect so don’t go around tricking people and doing anything scammy to build a list. Sure, you be smart but the secret sauce is YOU and the quality you can provide. Don’t forget that your reputation is everything.

If you’ve never done list building before, don’t worry. There are a lot of products available that can help you get started on building your very own list. Look for something simple to use.

I haven’t had the chance to take a look at this yet – but a pal said it was worth looking into….if you do, come back and tell me if it was good…so this is NOT a recommendation, its pointing you towards a resource that you should take a look at…

To your success!

Mr Marketer

Worth looking at if you’re interested in list building.


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