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I have wanted to get focused on creating and sending out Press Releases for my new products and offers – but there were a few stumbling blocks which made me hesitate.

The first obstacle was creating top quality Press Releases without spending a fortune or days to create them and the second was the thought of spending a couple of hundred bucks to submit them to a few key Press Release sites.

So a few things on that – I spent the usual $5 for a recommended Press Release writer to create a press release for me – the results were worth what I paid or, if I’m honest, probably $2.50!

Now I’m not knocking their efforts but they had obviously used a template and filled in a few blanks. Not the kind of press release output that would get Oprah calling me anytime soon…

Then there’s the submission side – there are  press release sites which literally cost a couple of hundred bucks to take and send out press releases for you….maybe I’m tight but if I can find a less expensive way I will unless it starts to eat into time to find the alternative and that, my friends, is why I hadn’t got heavy into press releases despite the fact they are one of the best ways of getting traffic, back links and Google love for your pages, websites and offers.  Not to mention the slim chance that you may get called for interviews at a radio, newspaper or TV station. 

So thats why I just dropped $20 on this cool little software….

Its called Online PR Submitter and here’s what is does…

It helps you to create press releases and when you’re ready, it submits them to dozens of Press release sites.

Now given one submission to some of the press release sizes are 10X what I spent on this software that I can use for life – I figure its a good investment.

What do you think?

If you want to check it out….

[button_icon icon=”bulb” color=”dark” align=”center” url=”https://www.mrmarketer.com/PRSubmit” rel=”dofollow”] Check It Out [/button_icon]


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    • Mike Trotter

      I too got the Online PR Submitter software when it came out. I had sworn not to buy any new shiny objects, but hey, some things you just can’t pass on…lol. How is it working for you? Have you submitted any press releases with it yet? Let me know how it is working out for you. I have yet to use it, due to being too busy trying to get everything set up for my blog, but I am sure it will come in handy soon.


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