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Thanks for dropping by…just a quick note as this cool little product is pre-launch.

We all know that close to 50% of the traffic to our site is coming from mobile users. And that volume is growing every day!

And some of us have mobile sites so that we can connect with all our mobile traffic – its just the smart thing to do right?

But given such a huge slice of our hard earned traffic is mobile users – how many of us have set up an offer that’s specific to mobile users?

If you don’t have a mobile sales page set up and running then you are losing an opportunity to get new customers from a HUGE percentage of those people coming to your site.

On top of that – wouldn’t it be good to create mobile sales page fast and easily so you can update them with new offers whenever you want?

Membership offer one day…maybe a coaching offer the next…promote a friend’s product the day after….all to your mobile traffic.

That’s what Easy Mobi Creator is all about.

Worth taking a look…


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    3 replies to "Easy Mobi Creator – new software to get more customers"

    • Jerry Handy

      Andrew, I never really thought about how big the mobile market was, but you’re right. The more I think about it, the more I realize that that is where most of the market is today. From iphones, to ipads, to kindles, to the latest and greatest technology. We’ve got to get with the times if we’re serious about capitalizing on all of this. Thanks for sharing.


    • Mark Healy

      hey andrew great information. I am a MWA student, good to see other alex jeffries students doing so well.

      The mobile market is doing so well and i am looking into expanding my business in the future with this, so you may be able to give me some pointers.



      • admin

        Hey Mark

        Happy to help. I was amazed when I took a look at the platform section of my Google Analytics and found 29% of my traffic was mobile. I had a mobile page but it was a generic ‘about us’ etc and I don’t remember the last time a mobile customer actually signed up to my email list or bought something….1/3 of my traffic wasted! Crazy! So I looked for a mobile sales page that I could put in front of that traffic. As I didn’t find any – set out to build it. Its cool software – a few clicks and the mobile sales page is done…I’m changing mine up most days now – seeing what works, what gets signup etc. Very cool! Thanks for stopping by and let me know if I can help in some way. Andrew

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