Guys – quick update on the Azthetik product.  So had my chance to play around with it for an extended time this past weekend.  Now, before I go on, I have to mention that it was the 0.8 version so its possible they’ve updated it since…but the quick and dirty review was GoDaddy’s hosting wasn’t working real well with this theme.  For the first few weeks after setting up the Azthetik theme on their wordpress sites, their sites were imploding with all sorts of 500 errors.  Perhaps it was because of the 1100 and something pages Azthetik created which initially devistated their sites but long story short – it took them a good week to get this theme to work at all.

But – after a week, the Azthetik theme DID work but the graphics were QUOTE “Butt Ugly….” – which is weird right? Given the quality of the guys behind the product.

So, if you are considering the Azthetik theme – a) consider the fact that you may need more hosting firepower and b) consider waiting until they deliver a version 1.0 to market – because the 0.8 version was NOT a match for the hype of this product.  So a message to the creators….”Come on guys – you have great marketing, you have awesome skills…lets get a version 1 product which matches your skills and credentials….because 0.8 missed the mark…”

Any questions?

Mr Marketer!


So this is a brief review of a new WordPress product launch platform called Azthetik.

So anyone who has looked at tools for launching products knows there are more tools than you could possibly use, even if you tried a new one every day right?

I know we have JV Press, the Product Launch theme, Profit Theme, not to mention theme and plugins with a focused use such as building a list, creating a squeeze page that converts…the list goes on and on…

…but despite already having ALL these tools, we are literally about to purchase the Azthetik Product Launcher platform too. Why?

Is it because I need yet one more tool?


Its because Capturing Leads, Pre-Selling Products, Sell Products, Split-Test Campaigns, Marketing Online overall, creating a customer list and affiliate marketing (although we don’t do much of that…)

…all those tools are COMPLICATED to set up. I’ve tried them all and I know.

Take this site for instance – its still not completely done…and frankly, we’d rather focus on creating great content and getting our message out to you guys than focusing on customer focused activities that although satisfying when you see the results – DON’T build your business.

So what makes me think that the Azthetik Product Launcher is going to be any different than all the other tools?

I know – I have that concern too…especially given the price tag….(Click the header above to find out the price and the features)

So why take the risk?

The reality is these guys are THE guys who the big boys use to build awesome looking sites and pages – and looking at their sales info, their installation videos, talking to some folks ‘in the know’….these guys are the real deal.

They have consistently delivered great results for their clients and a ‘pattern’ or ‘formula’ of good design which engages customers emerged as they designed more and more launch pages etc.

What is this Azthetik product anyway?

Its a platform – that you add to wordpress, with over a thousand pages configurable and optimized through a simple step-by-step dashboard.

And what comes out the other end is a set of pages that will have customers wanting your products or services.

But NOTE: this platform creates the pages but NOT the logos etc or the branding you will need…you will still need to go create that branded logo that is personal to you and your business.

Dont get caught up into thinking Azthetik does EVERYTHING for you…it won’t!

If you buy this product and take action, you can have ONE platform that is the optimum for building a list, launching product, split testing etc.

“…It pretty much seems to be the Bugatti of internet marketing tools and should (hopefully) convert customers like crazy.”

A few thoughts / questions I have which you should perhaps consider…

What customers respond too changes…so no one template which works today will be guaranteed to work next year. What that means if you want results is a few things:

  • 1. Take action with this tool NOW – don’t put it on the hard drive and wait…
  • 2. Make sure you keep this product updated – it needs to evolve as what ‘works’ with customers evolves too
  • 3. Split test EVERYTHING – and obviously go with the winning elements then use them as the bas and CONTINUE split testing.
  • Again, Test EVERYTHING, over and over again.

Thankfully, this platform has rigorous split testing functionality. Check out the product sales page for more info and by the way – this is THE BEST sales page I have EVER SEEN!

You can learn something just from going and taking a look at these guys and their own sales page…breathtaking! (Screen Shot….)

One thing which made me hesitate from buying though – it ‘looks’ complex – but I’m assured its a step by step approach so looks may be deceiving. Lets hops so.

Either way, I’ll tell you guys after I get it installed and have played around with it…

OK – off to buy this…

if you guys would appreciate an in-depth webinar after I’ve got my hands dirty with it – let me know and we’ll see what we can do…

A few things – they have three product types based on how many sites you want to use this on. Make sure you choose the right one for you.

Interestingly – I’m not seeing any 30 day or 60 day money back guarantees – if one of the Azthetik guys reads this – why not? Did we just miss it?

And oh – before I forget – add you comments below.

  • If you bought it and used it – share!
  • If you didn’t buy it – why not?
  • If you’ve heard it sucks – share!

Mr Marketer

PS – Here’s a link to check out Azthetik for yourself

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