Dear Warrior

If you could get an easy to use, step-by-step formula which GUARANTEES You will have CUSTOMERS throwing money at You BEFORE You invest Your Precious Time, Energy and Money CREATING PRODUCTS – would you buy it right now? (Then scroll down to the dime sale button and buy now before the price increases!!!)

Get Guaranteed Customers BEFORE You invest time creating a product.

Sounds almost unbelievable doesn’t it?

“The No-Product Launch (And Product Creation) Formula ™” is a simple to consume Report giving you the simple to follow Step-by-Step approach I’ve used to make money from the “No-Product Launch (And Product Creation) Formula to a list of less than 500 people. With this formula, I delivered $891 in one evening even though I totally messed up just about everything.

I’ll take you through the specific steps I took that fateful night which proves even a total Newbie, with no money and pretty much no list can still make real money with The No-Product Launch (And Product Creation) Formula ™.

Have your eyes rolled up into your skull yet?

“…Oh No…not another one of those WSOs please…
Not one more  product launch wannabe pre-teen in his pajamas promising
to deliver $956 and 13 cents in 16 minutes or some such pile of CXXX?…”

No – this is NOT another one of those cookie cutter product launch systems or another big cash promise for no work.

I’m tired of those too and couldn’t stomach launching the same old WSO myself.

Firstly I’m 40 ‘something (*cough*) …have been in marketing for more than two decades and it WILL take more than 16 minutes to go through the steps in the “The No-Product Launch (And Product Creation) Formula .

I’ll never promise a system which, with one press of a button will make you a Gazzilionaire…nor will I promise you can make money by sitting in your pajama’s and doing no work whatsoever.

(Although if you want to follow the simple steps in “The No-Product Launch (And Product Creation) Formula ™” while wearing your pajama’s, knock yourself out… 🙂 )

No – This WSO is different.

And Yes, I know they all say that too.

Why is it different?

Because I’m going take you through a simple but real, (yet somewhat counter intuitive approach) to creating products and product launches which will make sure you only create products over and over again that people want and will buy.

So You create products that canot fail!

A short but powerful claim nevertheless (With a BIG Guarantee BTW! (See below)).

In the The No-Product Launch (And Product Creation) Formula ™, I’m going to give you the simple nitty-gritty process I went through to make a decent night’s money ($891…) and  when you try this simple formula for yourself, I think you’ll agree its easier, simpler and unlike any product launch and creation type product you’ve consumed before.

I’m not going to over hype and BS you….or give you email templates,or a whole string of videos about story lines, character development or any of those grandiose things.

I’m certainly not some surfer dude who’s going to convince you to write a check for $1k with friendly banter and there are no big affiliates telling you (with some cut and paste affiliate offer) that you have to buy The No-Product Launch (And Product Creation) Formula ™, a never seen before product.

No….This is a Real product you can start  begin taking action on right now for under $20 and without weeks of preparation or a big impressive product creation timeline stretching off into your old age before it will deliver you some real value and most important, some real money.

Imagine just for a moment a “No-Product Launch (And Product Creation) Formula ™” which you can use to guarantee you get paying customers whenever you want them….

  • No more Failure to Launch Starting and Stopping Product Creations…
  • No more Good Intentions but half finished PLR products sitting on your hard drive
  • No more wasted months creating products which you HOPE will be well received and maybe…just maybe, they’ll be people who want to pay you for them after you’ve spent hours away from your family and friends….

It IS possible to go through a product launch and product creation process which guarantee’s you’ll have paying customers BEFORE you spend more time creating products.

You could literally save yourself months from creating products which people may not want just by buying, reading and using “The No-Product Launch (And Product Creation) Formula ™”.

“The No-Product Launch (And Product Creation) Formula ™” can literally get you to cash faster than any other complicated product launch technique you may be trying.

Think of it….Guaranteed…PAYING…customers…BEFORE You raise a finger to create a product….


Wouldn’t that give you the freedom you’ve been looking for to live life the way you want!?!?!?!?

  • Guaranteed Customers!
  • And the Absolute Confidence You’ll Produce What Customers Want Before you spend your time, energy or money
  • Use this formula to figure out WHICH of Your Products ideas are winners so you can focus on Your big cash opportunities – don’t waste your time on dud products

Wouldn’t it be great to show all those who doubted you the statements with freshly deposited, 3 and 4 figure cash amounts?

Freedom! From all the crap! (Ahhhhh……what a relief…..)

I know it sounds like more hype – having spent the last three years trying everything formula, technique and system I could afford – my frustration levels have at times, gone THROUGH THE ROOF!

BUT – can you use this technique and make instant money in just a few hours?

NO! You Can’t! I’ll make you a promise – I will never BS you!

You will need to go through the steps I’ve clearly laid out in this report and if YOU Take Action and use this formula – it is Guaranteed to work for you– but if you believe that there’s a magic button out there for instant success and free CASH This WSO is Not for You!!!

After a few years of struggling in different niches…I was close to giving up – starting to think the whole industry was just full of newbies…and (I’m sad to say…) those who prayed on them.

It was a bit like that old Poker saying….you know the one….

“If you don’t know who the patsy is at the Poker table…its YOU!”

But I’m here to tell you there are some awesome, great, giving and honest Internet Marketers in the IM industry – elite marketers focused on creating customer value and people who will steer you right.

I know because, through trial and error – I discovered some great Internet Marketers who have shared some great techniques, which, when put together and when when you make them your own… will help you to simply and easily launch your own products with the “The No-Product Launch (And Product Creation) Formula ™” .  

You’ll get paying customers before You spend time, energy or money creating a product.

Because you and I are in this together, I’m going to do something most Internet Marketers will not do….I’m going to make you a promise and a GUARANTEE you may not have seen before….

I will guarantee that if you click the buy button, read and use….

“The No-Product Launch (And Product Creation) Formula ™”

…if you don’t get significantly more value than you paid – I will give you a full and complete refund at ANY TIME WITHIN THE NEXT 365 Days!



Who else is THAT confident in their product’s ability to create real value for anyone (newbie or otherwise) who actually uses it?

And its more than that – if you don’t get MUCH more value than you paid – I don’t WANT your money. Its that Simpl!

Just $12

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To stack the value for the warriors who move first…

Here’s a great bonus which will really help you gain even more value from “The No-Product Launch (And Product Creation) Formula ™

It’s called “The Perfect Module Framework”.

Its a proprietary framework I’ve used to create high value product modules for big box products.

It’s based on tried and tested Harvard research which has been leveraged by some serious, major league, Internet Marketers.

Giving you even more value if you seize the The No-Product Launch (And Product Creation) Formula ™ today!

Buy Now and be confident with a One Year Mr. Marketer Guarantee!

Get The No-Product Launch (And Product Creation) Formula ™ today!

Just $12

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The New No-Product Launch (And Product Creation) Formula ™ for ANY Niche

Become a Mr. Marketer Affiliate And Make 75% on All Sales!

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