Jason Fladlien has done it again with WP Webinar Pro

Read on for a quick review of WP Webinar Pro

Anyone involved in the marketing ANYTHING online knows that one of the best ways to ‘pitch’ a customer on anything (Especially high ticket items….) is with webinars.

The default online service preferred by most internet marketers is Go-To-Webinar. But there’s one problem with Go-To-Webinar….

It does a lousy job of capturing signups to your webinars and  adding them to your auto-responder list.

You then do a killer webinar and GREAT – you get some customers, but now you have a handful of email addresses and people who may (or may not) now agree to sign up to your list.

And here’s the solution – WP Webinar Pro by Jason Fladlien.

WP Webinar Pro captures the lead in the auto responder

The refers them to any page you want

Its VERY cool!

So We Bought it!

Then We Tried it!

And Whooo Hooo….it does exactly what it says on the tin! Easy!

AWESOME! BUT – and there’s always a but right….the price is set low for the next 48 hours as its a new launch…after that, the prices goes UP!

So if you are interested in being a Webinar Pro then check out WP Webinar Pro from Jason Fladlien – but do it FAST!


Mr Marketer

PS – You can also check ou the Launchinar for WP Webinar Pro….

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