Top Ten List Why WordPress For Internet Marketing

Over the past few years I’ve tried most of the open source content management systems – or in normal speak, blogging platforms.

I invested hours creating sites in Drupal – it wasn’t so bad but it didn’t always work right and the sites sort of all looked the same.

So then I checked out Joomla – Ouch! Talk about inflexbility….

Then came WordPress – what a relief!

So if you are wondering how to create a site and why you should use wordpress – here is my…

Top ten list why WordPress is THE right choice for internet marketing

  1. Create your own look and feel with thousands of free or paid themes which you can configure and you also use pre-built themes to quickly and easily create different ‘types’ of sites: Blogging, Photo Galleries, Video, Niche, Personal, Corporate, Local Business and on
  2. Drag and Drop themes exist which make a personal and unique site super easy for the newbie
  3. Crazy easy to create pages and posts so you can focus on the content instead of the technology
  4. Akismet is a cool free plugin that protect your site from Spam – literally hundreds of spam attempts get foiled with this cool little standard plugin
  5. You can add multiple users and give them different rights so you can have others doing things on your site without worries
  6. WordPress works really well for hosting audio, video and images – it literally takes seconds to add them wherever you need them. Adding youtube videos to wordpress is also super easy
  7. Want people to contact you? No problem – its super easy to add a ‘contact us’ page with the right form which visitors can complete and its then sent straight to your email
  8. If you sell a product or service – have customers add testimonials to your wordpress posts or pages
  9. There are literally hundreds of little ‘apps’ you can add to your wordpress site called Plugins. These plugins allow you to do some amazing things with your website – creating sales funnels, cool graphics, social media interaction, viral marketing and much much more.  There really are plugins to do anything you can imagine…
  10. The MAIN reason why wordpress kicks butt is its designed and improved continuously to optimize your site for search engines which, if you have good unique content, will get you free traffic and make you money.  

WordPress really is the Number 1 free platform for Internet Marketing and I’ve been using it now for years and its literally the main tool in my IM toolbox.

Interested in become a super wiz at WordPress?





Top Ten List Why WordPress For Internet Marketing

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