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Setting Up WordPress Site

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    4 replies to "Setting up WordPress Site on Hostgator: The 2 Minute Challenge"

    • Jerry

      Nice video and very swift WordPress blog set up. You did a great job of getting that site up on the net. I reckon you use the standard theme in wordpress right?

      • admin

        Hey Jerry – thanks for stopping by. Yes, set up always defaults to the standard wordpress theme but quickly swap it out for either optimizepress or one of the other defaults depending on what the site is for – i.e, product launch, membership site, affiliate / niche etc. What do you use for your sites?

    • Val Mercenaro

      Hi Andrew, I wish I saw this video when I was a beginner!

      I’ve learned the hard way instead, ’cause I wanted more control on my blog and transferred the files to my desktop…

      It’s true actually, I had/have more control, especially once I learned how to modify the default templates… but at the very beginning you just need to get it up and running as soon as possible really…in 2 minutes I’d have solved lots of headache!!
      Oh well…Thanks anyway! 😉
      [email protected]

    • Bob

      Hi Andrew,

      Very informative site! As a newbie I have picked up some great info that is sure to save me hours of struggling. All the best.


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