Get InstaMember Review

Here’s a quick review of InstaMember – a new membership plugin I just checked and snapped up. Very cool plugin!

Is well as the usual membership functionality – it also includes an integrated helpdesk and product licensing.

Worth checking out…

Get InstaMemberBonuses

Webinar Express Review: Google Hangouts vs GoToWebinar? (and the Winner is…)

Have you seen Google Hangouts yet? Its AWESOME!

You can…

– File Share with Attendees
– Screenshare, Video Calls/Conferencing
– Instant Messaging
– Live Streaming
– Integration with other Google Apps

…and NOW Conduct Webinars! 

A NEW WordPress Plugin takes all the power of Google Hangouts and incorporates a full-blown Webinar Platform around it.

It’s called WebinarExpress and they are changing the way that marketers conduct webinars.

Included are:

– Customizable High-Converting Registration Templates
– Auto-Responder Integration
– Facebook Connect Registration Option
– Q&A Management for Admins
– Video Feed Embed (ie: Google Hangouts)
– Unlimited Attendees
– Replay Templates w/ Countdown Timer
– Call to Action Buttons at Pitch
– In-Webinar Social Sharing
– and – go check it out for more…

Check Out Video Review

So let me ask you…

Why pay hundreds of dollars every month for a webinar solution, when you can grab a copy of WebinarExpress at a one-time discounted price?

So check out the DEMO…

Check Out Video Review

 [imaioVideo v=1]

Software Product Magic Customer Review

Guys – been taking Software Product Magic through its paces recently and I’m impressed!

For those who don’t know Software Product Magic – hereafter called SPM – well SPM is easy to use software which allows you to create software.

Sounds weird right? Software to create software…

…but its true – you can use it to create some fantastic products – you just need to add your imagination and customer insights and you too can create simple software which is good enough to sell.

If you need proof – just launched a product on the Warrior Forum called Easy Mobi Creator and its doing really well. Its software which will create a Mobile Sales page with video integration and paypal integration and it was all done with Software Product Magic.

The great thing about software is its easy to prove the value versus selling information. As long as the software does what its supposed to do and you can show it on a short video – if it addresses someone’s needs then you’ll make the sale. Easy!

So here’s a few minute review of Software Product Magic – if you want to take a look because you have your own ideas for software – there’s a button below the video…

One thing to say – SPM does NOT create complex software i.e. don’t expect to use it to create software which a programmer would usually spend a couple of months or more building. SPM helps you to create good software, can be used in multiple ways, but you ain’t going to become Microsoft next week by using SPM.

Just sayin’ so peeps expectations are not out of whack….

Take a look…



Incredible Real Time Mouse Tracker




Easy Mobi Creator – new software to get more customers

Hey there

Thanks for dropping by…just a quick note as this cool little product is pre-launch.

We all know that close to 50% of the traffic to our site is coming from mobile users. And that volume is growing every day!

And some of us have mobile sites so that we can connect with all our mobile traffic – its just the smart thing to do right?

But given such a huge slice of our hard earned traffic is mobile users – how many of us have set up an offer that’s specific to mobile users?

If you don’t have a mobile sales page set up and running then you are losing an opportunity to get new customers from a HUGE percentage of those people coming to your site.

On top of that – wouldn’t it be good to create mobile sales page fast and easily so you can update them with new offers whenever you want?

Membership offer one day…maybe a coaching offer the next…promote a friend’s product the day after….all to your mobile traffic.

That’s what Easy Mobi Creator is all about.

Worth taking a look…

All the best



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